Your Top Marijuana Questions Answered

Top Marijuana Questions

Marijuana isn’t a new herb but it’s newly-legalized status has changed the way many people think about the substance. Gone are the days when it’s considered ‘dope’ and here are the days when almost all of the world has tried the substance at least once and many do so regularly. It’s legal in many states like Colorado, Washington, and California and in dozens of other states, legal for medicinal purposes. The changes have occurred rapidly, leaving many people with questions and no answers, rather than miss those answers or believe half-truths, take a look at a few common order weed online related questions and the answers.

Can I Overdose on Marijuana?

Since marijuana has long been classified as a drug and many people associate drugs with overdose and additions, many people wonder if they can overdose on marijuana. This is one worry you can put out of your mind.  Scientists aren’t exactly sure how much THC it takes to overdose but it’s never occurred in our history of marijuana use. Smoke away without worry that you will be lying in an ER bed any time soon. That amount is unlikely out there because marijuana is safe! Be forewarned, however, that combining marijuana with other drugs or intoxicants, including alcohol or prescription medications, can alter the effects.

How Often Should I Use Marijuana?

The number of times per day a person uses marijuana is based solely on preference and the desired amount of relief they seek from health ailments. People using marijuana for recreational purposes may consume more of the herb than people using it for medicinal purposes. However, this varies from person to person and often depends on the type of medical conditions the person is treating/reason for use. Start with a small dose of marijuana once or twice per day to determine its effects and the results. Adjust the dose and usage frequency as necessary until you achieve the desired results.

Is Marijuana and CBD the Same?

Marijuana is derived from the cannabis plant while CBD is derived from the hemp plant. CBD does not obtain THC so there are no psychoactive effects associated with its use. And, CBD doesn’t show up on a drug test. Yet, CBD has the power to ease anxiety, improve depression, improve mood and more, especially when combined with THC. The two products are very much different, although they share the same goal of easing a person’s well-being and health ailments in an all-natural manner.

Why Should I Try Marijuana?

Marijuana helps you relax and unwind and helps ease many medical conditions that otherwise require the use of sometimes dangerous medications and/or surgeries. Many people use marijuana and forego other treatments while some minimize the need for a doctor with the help of marijuana and CBD products. People use marijuana and CBD for different reasons, many using a combination of actors to make their decision. Give it a try if you want to relax, ease anxiety, sleep better at night or improve insomnia, or if you want to put your creativity into full effect.

How do I Consume Marijuana?

Most people smoke marijuana in a rolled joint or blunt, however, many alternative consumption methods add excitement to the mix. Switch it up and you can enjoy different experiences during your days as a marijuana consumer. Bowls often provide satisfactory results for those who are smoking alone and for people interested in conserving their marijuana flower. Edibles are very popular these days, providing marijuana consumers with a nice treat packed with THC. Dabs are also popular and often far more potent than flower marijuana.